South San Francisco Proposed Point of Sale Home Inspection – Police State?

If anyone has ever experienced how invasive our SSFFD inspectors do their inspections, you would not want to have this ordinance in place. You may need to complete tear down and remodel your home before selling it based on the following proposal  #5, 8, 9 & 10. For example:  If a homeowner replaced the kitchen cabinet (permit not required per building department), counter top (permit not required per building department) and an electrical outlet, “the owner will be in violation of the new ordinance because the new outlet has triggered and changed the electrical wiring which may cause fire”.

How can we find a common ground to resolve this issue? Is Point of Sale really the only solution to fire safety? Are we giving too much power to the fire department to invade our properties? Are we getting into police state?

Please write to our SSF City Council and express your opinion why this Home Inspection Ordinance Proposal should not be implemented.

The proposed ordinance states that the inspections would be limited to checking the following:

1. Adequate means of egress for proper evacuation in the event of an emergency.
2. Properly installed smoke detector.
3. Properly installed carbon monoxide detector.
4. Properly installed and secured water heater.
5. Electrical wiring in the property that does not create an unsafe or hazardous condition.
6. No apparent fuel sources that would cause of spread a fire or explosion.
7. No accumulation of debris, junk, or garbage as established by H & S 17920.3(j).
8. Improper building maintenance as established by H & S 17920.3 (k).
9. Properties containing proper fire-resistive construction, or fire-extinguishing systems or equipment, as established by CA H & S Code 17920.3, subsection (m).
10. Rooms occupied for living, sleeping, cooking, or dining purposes not designed or intended to be used for those occupancies.

Link to SSF Patch Newsletter:

Link to Oct. 17, 2012 meeting packet –

By the way, we do have great and responsible fire fighters in South San Francisco.

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