Mortgage Education Center by Zillow

Check out Zillow’s Mortgage Guide, you can find a lot of useful information there, such as buying a home, finding the right loan and calculators & tools.

Source: Zillow’s Mortgage Education Center


Buying a Home

Unfamiliar with the home buying process or just want to review common mortgage questions? This section has you covered, along with basic mortgage terms and definitions. These resources will help you figure out how to budget for a home, find the right lender and apply for a mortgage.

Finding the Right Loan

When it comes to deciding how to finance your loan, it’s smart to consider all options and figure out which loan type is right for your situation. Learn about loan options and the pros and cons of a variety of different loan products so you’re prepared to make an informed decision about your mortgage.

Calculators and Tools

Use our suite of calculators to determine how much home you can afford. Calculate your projected monthly payments, and find the breakeven point for refinancing your current mortgage. Our tools contain valuable links to resources such as our directory of lenders and Zillow Mortgage Advice.