Fraud in Chinatown Non-Profit Senior Housing

October 22, 2015
Tom A. Hsieh

Democratic Club Uncovers Voter
Fraud in Chinatown Non-Profit Senior Housing
The Asian Pacific Democratic Club (APDC) has been gathering reports about widespread voter fraud in buildings owned or connected to the Chinatown Community Development Corporation (CCDC). In recent days, APDC has encountered multiple statements of stolen ballots from Chinese senior residents. In one instance, a blind woman reported her ballot was taken away and filled out by two female individuals. Those two individuals then told the senior that they had voted for “Aaron Peskin” on her ballot.
Senior citizens in these CCDC non-profit buildings are having their ballots stolen. These seniors are supposed to be protected by their caregivers but instead ballots are being harvested from them on a building-wide scale,” said Tom A. Hsieh, a spokesman of the club, which has been chartered since 1992.
“We should all be concerned about statements released from CCDC, accusing unnamed individuals of masquerading as CCDC employees and stealing ballots in their secured buildings,” said Hsieh. “It sounds absurdly like somebody is trying to cover their tracks.”
Hsieh is referring to a statement made by CCDC that “individuals came into CCDC buildings pretending to be CCDC employees and asked for ballots”. CCDC buildings are guarded by locked entrances and security personnel and entry by non-residents is unlikely.
One senior voter said that every year someone has come to his door to fill out his ballot, and that his ballot was taken in the last three years by the same person. He also stated that this was practiced throughout the whole building, which is managed by CCDC. In another incident, an elderly woman said two women came to her door, asked her to sign a ballot return envelope, and then took her ballot away. She said two women were returning to her building each day to collect ballots from others. The property, known as Chinatown’s Orangeland building, has a long history with CCDC.
Three buildings managed by or with ties to CCDC have had reports of voter fraud. APDC has evidence that a CCDC-owned building called Broadway Sansome Apartments allowed the Aaron Peskin for Supervisor campaign into the building in late September in apparent violation to their tax-exempt, non-profit rules against candidate electioneering.
“This illegal behavior is despicable. We are turning over our evidence to appropriate enforcement agencies in the hopes that they can stop this blatant violation of one our most basic freedoms—our right to vote,” said Hsieh.
Other interviews about ballot tampering are even more detailed and describe a group of people who are systemically committing voter fraud (voter names are withheld to protect them from retaliation):
Voter: Jane Doe, Age 87
Female, voted 4 out of last 5 elections
Consorcia Apartments, Chinatown CDC Building
1204 Mason Street, SF CA 94108
“I am blind, so I barely read and see. Two ladies (one older one younger) came to my place and filled out the ballot, and have me signed after. I was told I voted for Aaron Peskin.”
Voter: John Doe, Age 79
Voted 4 out of the last 5 elections
Clayton Hotel, Chinatown CDC Building
657 Clay Street , SF CA 94111
“Every year someone filled out my ballot, last couple of years the ballot was given to someone to vote. It’s happening in the whole building.”
Voter: Jane Doe, Age 79
Voted 4 out of last 5 elections
Orangeland Building, a property with a long history with CCDC
1047 Stockton St, SF CA 94108
“Two women (strangers) came to my house and filled out the ballot for me, asked me to sign and took it away.”

Supporters seek signatures for ballot measure on waterfront development heights

Warriors arena

  • The Warriors’ planned waterfront arena could be subject to voter approval under a measure proposed for the June ballot.

Signature gathering will begin this weekend in the campaign for a ballot measure on waterfront development heights in The City, setting the stage for the next battle over the 7.5 miles fronting San Francisco Bay.


On Thursday, City Attorney Dennis Herrera signed off on the title and summary of the Waterfront Development Height Increases initiative, giving backers the green light to begin collecting signatures.

It would take 9,702 signatures by Feb. 3 to place the initiative on the June ballot, but supporters could alternatively seek inclusion in the November election.

Under the measure, any development on Port of San Francisco property would have to go before the voters if it exceeds existing height limits, which generally range from 40 to 105 feet.

Jon Golinger, who is working as the campaign director, said campaign headquarters will be at15 Columbus Ave., the same location as the campaign that — in last November’s election — helped defeat the 8 Washington St. luxury condo development that spawned this broader effort.

The stakes are high. Proposed projects the measure would immediately impact are the Warriors arena project with a hotel and condos at Piers 30-32; the Pier 70 housing and retail development; and the Giants’ development of housing, retail and office space at Pier 48.

Source: SF Examiner

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